Content Marketing Specialist

Burlywood, a Colorado company, is an exciting, pre-revenue start-up developing solutions in the cloud and enterprise storage markets . Burlywood is looking for a marketing communications specialist with a strong technical background to create and manage company and product messaging content for web-based, promotions, and trade shows.

Working with a highly experienced marketing and sales team, the ideal candidate will gather and organize information about the company, products, customers, and market and transform that information into clear, concise, and compelling messages tailored for multiple medium types and audiences.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with the strategic marketing team to document market segmentations, their associated key values, and sales strategy.
  • Understand Burlywood’s product and business values and how they apply to different segments and audiences
  • Define media and communications strategies and needs
  • Create and review messaging for different media and target customer audiences

Required Skills and Experience

  • Experience in working in digital marketing
  • Very familiar with web-based marketing tools - use, effectiveness, audiences, …
  • Ability to work with teams and outside contractors to implement the marketing communications strategy
  • Good communications, writing, and creativity in synthesizing simple and powerful messages.
  • Strong technical background and interest in highly technical products
  • BS degree or equivalent in marketing or related field

Highly Desired

  • Technical degree or equivalent and understanding of data center infrastructure and storage
  • Experience with small scale trade show coordination

Working for a start-up, the person must be highly motivated, self-directed, and be a good team player. They will work with a lot of autonomy, but stay in sync with the strategic marketing team and directions.

The position will start as part time contract and may evolve into a full time position as the company grows.

The location is in Longmont Colorado

Strategic and Product Marketing

Burlywood, a Colorado company, is an exciting, pre-revenue start-up in the large enterprise storage market targeting hyperscale and data center storage. Burlywood is looking for an experienced strategic and product marketing veteran to help define segmentation, messaging, and public relations.

Burlywood’s primary business model is to develop storage solutions for large Cloud Service Providers, hyperscale infrastructure and storage systems manufacturers.

The ideal candidate will have experience developing marketing materials, website content, organizing shows and events.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with the marketing team to define and document customer segments and the segment definitions to help direct sales efforts.
  • Craft messaging to segments and for web and promotional content

Required Skills and Experience

  • Knowledge of the most effective messaging and positioning norms with currently accepted media including websites and social media.

Highly Desired

  • Working for a start-up, the person must be highly motivated, self-directed, and be a good team player. They will understand how to promote and leverage the company’s unique skills to the right decision makers and participants at target companies.
  • They must be able to act as an individual contributor, but also take a strategic view to ensure actions align with company priorities, messages, and strategy.
  • The position may be contract or direct and may be part-time to full-time.
The location is flexible.

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